Just Kidding for Kids

Tickets $12 each or 2 for $20 by phone (250-754-7587) and at the door. 

When purchasing tickets in the 2 for $20 category, select 1 in order to get 2 tickets. If you order 2 in the 2 for $20 category you will get 4 tickets.

Somebody Loves you, Mr. Hatch
by Axis Theatre Company

Sat. April 13 at 1pm

VIU’s Malaspina Theatre

Mr. Hatch leads a colourless, ordered life, until one Valentine’s Day, he receives a candy-filled heart with the note “somebody loves you”.  This heartwarming puppet play examines the effect that kindness can have on a dreary existence.  Join Mr. Hatch as he searches for his secret admirer and enjoys the biggest surprise of his life!

Sat. Apr. 13

Tickets available at the door at VIU’s Malaspina Theatre from 12pm-1pm on Saturday April 13 with cash or credit card. The show starts at 1pm.

Mr. Hatch video clip

Blue Beads & Blueberries
by Story Theatre Company

Sat. Feb. 9 at 1pm

VIU’s Malaspina Theatre

French-Irish-Métis playwright Erin Macklem has adapted Cap-o-Rushes, an early version of Cinderella. Filled with music and mischief, disguises and dancing, this Métis retelling invites us to listen with our ears and hearts. Both tender and funny, this performance provides opportunities to explore First Peoples and Indigenous knowledge.

Thanks to everyone who attended this educational, musical, fun show!

Jacky's Village
with dancer Jacky Essombe

Sat. Oct. 6 at 1pm

VIU’s Malaspina Theatre

Jacky’s Village features music and dance from the African countries of Cameroon and Guinea. Led by dancer Jacky Essombe, accompanied by her friend Yoro Noukoussi, this participatory performance features music played on a variety of traditional African instruments including djembe, talking drum and shekere.

Thanks to everyone who attended the show on a long weekend. It was an energetic, enthusiastic and involved audience. We sang and danced to some vibrant rhythms!

Just Kidding for Kids is a series for families and children aged 5-12. Introduced in 1995, Just Kidding has since presented almost 100 innovative and award winning productions.The series has been effective in developing a children’s audience and building relationships with the community through support from local organizations and businesses, as sponsors donate their tickets to local outreach programs.